Survey Report 2023 - Out now!

NARRATIVES for the GREEN DEAL in times of populism.

The EEW Survey collected opinions from over 1,370 energy efficiency experts about the progress of energy efficiency policies in the EU27 Member States in the last 3 years.

Please download both the Survey-Report-2023 and the Survey-Summary.

Energy Efficiency, center piece of the energy transition

Energy Efficiency is a center piece of the energy transition and one of the core pillars of the EU Green Deal. It provides multiple benefits and helps European societies, citizens and companies to find answers to climate change, to the energy crisis and to economic endeavours with the goal to develop new business models for a prospering European and global economy and healthy societies guaranteeing a stable environment.

In the light of these challenges, The Energy Efficiency Watch (EEW) has started a new 3-year phase of activities. EEW4 publications are still fresh out of the press and available here – and now EEW5 gains speed. The Energy Efficiency Watch website keeps on offering you the results, publications and recommendations of the EEW4 project whilst managing the perfect handover to the next project edition – EEW5.

The Energy Efficiency Watch published the Narrative Brochure – a tool for policy makers to support in the drafting of energy efficiency policies. The design and implementation of energy efficiency policies, and on a broader level the energy transition, can be accelerated if accompanied by supportive narratives.



The section provides access to reports, policies, good practice examples, guides and tools developed in the EEW4 project.

Energy efficiency expert survey 2023

The EEW5 expert survey aimed at gathering input from the community of energy experts in Europe on the progress of EE policy implementation in each Member State and narratives having an impact on it.

How to develop successful narratives around energy efficiency?

EEW4 published a set of ten case studies, which analyse and consolidate enabling narratives for energy efficiency that resonate in different national and regional contexts.

Results & documents

Key results of the EEW4 project are available here.

Our mission and approach

Energy Efficiency Watch 5 is a 3-year project under the European Union LIFE Programme. EEW5 supports the public sector at all governance levels and contributes to an ambitious implementation of energy efficiency policies and the EU Green Deal.

Through the development of enabling narratives and a policy dialogue platform, EEW5 promotes the Green Deal as the masterplan for a just transition and as the new EU growth strategy.

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